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Community Equipment Service Survey Q2 2016

Each quarter GIS Healthcare – the County Council’s in-house provider that undertakes the logistics operations for the Integrated Community Equipment Service (storage, procurement, delivery, servicing, collecting and recycling community equipment) on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council & NHS Partners - carry out a survey to ensure they are meeting the needs of the public and professionals who use the service. This allows both Gloucestershire Community Equipment Service and GIS Healthcare to review and make improvements to the service provided to the people of Gloucestershire, to support them stay safe and independent in daily living. 


Public Survey (68 responses)

Was the equipment delivered/collected at the agreed time? YES - 96%

Did the driver/fitter treat you with respect? YES - 99%

Do you know how to return your equipment? YES - 85%

Did you need help from a family member or carer before the equipment was provided? YES - 47%

How useful is the equipment for you? Very useful - 94%

How satisfied are you with the service provided by GIS Healthcare? Satisfied or very satisfied - 100%


Professional Survey (221 responses)

Do you find the ordering website easy to use? YES - 86%

Does the ordering website contain adequate information for you to order the right equipment? YES - 94%

Has the driver/fitter service been satisfactory? YES - 94%

Have you been satisfied with the response from GIS Healthcare if a problem has been reported? YES - 85%

How satisfactory is the service provided by GIS Healthcare? Satisfied or very satisfied - 96%

How satisfactory is the training provided on equipment? Satisfied or very satisfied - 91%

How satisfactory are the responses and communications from GIS Healthcare and Gloucestershire Community Equipment Service? Satisfied or very satisfied - 93%