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Driver Fitters

All GIS delivery drivers have been trained to fit equipment.  They receive ongoing training and a driver fitter manual has been developed in conjunction with Clinicians.

Driver Fitters are not Technicians or Assessors

  • They will fit the equipment and check it is safe
  • They will demonstrate how to use it, but will not assess the service user or give any clinical advice
  • They will explain charging of batteries and other basic technical information
  • They will plug equipment into sockets and test that the equipment works before leaving.


Driver fitters cannot choose which equipment is suitable, and they do not carry alternatives.


If Clinicians do not want the equipment to be used until they visit to assess the Driver fitters will label the equipment DO NOT USE.

Drivers will not be expected to fit equipment in hazardous environment (physical or social).

When profiling beds are being delivered, the old bed should be removed before delivery of the new one.

Driver fitters will provide a Service user leaflet to the service user/carer/family outlining who to contact when equipment is no longer needed or if the equipment fails.

All equipment is loaned and has a unique barcode sticker attached to it.  This sticker also provides the GIS Telephone number when the equipment is no longer required